Do You Resist Routine and Struggle with Structure?

Why do we have buttons that beg to be pushed by those we most fear will control us? Why do we find it easy to blame the routine & not own our part?

Do you resist routine and struggle with structure? Has your resistance ever cost you a job? A relationship? A victory?

I certainly resisted routine and struggles with structure, or rather, I certainly did! Structure and routine helps me better manage those necessary tasks that interfere with a much greater purpose, “Having fun and enjoying life!”

I like my freedom and truly none of us (any personality type) like to be told what to do. The more I resist structure, forget important tasks and fail to create stability, the less time, money and energy I have left with which to enjoy life.

What if routine and structure are not the enemy? What if you could learn the secret about how to stop resisting and learn how to take proactive measures to embrace routine, establish structure and finally take charge and become the leader in your life?

To paraphrase renowned ADHD Author, Dr. Ned Hallowell, from his book, Driven to Distraction, "...without the structure of the musical staff, we would not know Mozart's genius."

Creating enough structure and routine in our lives, provides more freedom for our "Creative Genius" to flourish. When we do so before the would-be micro-managers or naggers feel compelled to help us out with reminders, the new autonomy feels fresh and fine.

If you’re hungry for success and ready to do what it takes to create the results you desire, click on the link and schedule a complimentary "Discovery Call" to learn more.

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