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Satisfied Clients

I have been working with Derek for four months and meet with him weekly for roughly one-hour-long sessions through a WhatsApp video conference.

I am a physician, specifically, I am a neurotology fellow nearing the end of my formal training and am transitioning to independent practice.


My motivations for seeking a coach were multiple. I wanted help in finding ways to balance and meet my goals professionally (increase my research productivity while being in training and establishing a practice) and personally (Improving communication in my marriage, staying physically active). I think most medical professionals find some struggle in balancing work and life. There never seems to be enough time/energy/motivation to do everything you need to do or want to do.


Derek gave me the foundational skills in how to think about triaging and allocate my time and resources. He also helped me better attain my goals by teaching me how to make them accountable and actionable.


However, by working with Derek over the last few months, he has given me more than what I thought I wanted from a coaching partnership. Derek's approach is to key into who you are as a person- what your strengths, values, and motivations are, and how to use those attributes to achieve your goals. He did not change who I am, but he helped me understand who that person was and whom I aspired to be so my actions are sure to be aligned with that person.


Derek uses fun and an openness to new experiences in his approach to coaching. That has helped me to do the same in my own life. Importantly,


Derek has been very flexible in working with my schedule when our usual meeting time gets altered due to surgical days running late or when emergencies come up.


I highly recommend Derek as a life coach. Like a coach for an athlete or other high-performance profession, Derek can't do the work for you. However, if you are motivated to improve some aspect of your life, Derek will help you find your purpose and provide the framework for you to succeed.

-Alvin D., M.D.

I know the "real deal" when I see it. Derek Sleater Cook is the real deal!


As the author of The Accountability Experience, I have the opportunity to watch trainers of the material in action. Derek is by far the most authentic, dynamic provider of the material I have seen to date. He has enthusiastically internalized the concepts, speaks from a congruent and compelling personal truth, suspends judgment so participants can explore their own thoughts and actions in a safe environment, and remains teachable at every turn.


Derek's combination of platform speaking skills, one-to-one coaching, and small group facilitation ability is rare. He is organized, prepared, and realistic about what can be accomplished with the time and resources provided. Derek walks his vision with every fiber of his being and it is clear it attracts others to him that nourish and support his desired goals in life.

-Linda Galindo, Author, and Keynote, The 85% Solution How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success. No Nonsense. No Excuses (Colleague)

I met Derek when he was the trainer for an intense 2-day Crucial Conversations workshop I attended this spring. We exchanged e-mails before the workshop and he was enthusiastic and supportive before we ever met in person.


His workshop was WOW! Derek knows the material inside and out. He encouraged the participants to share and created a safe environment through his candor and openness. He reinforced the lessons by giving us opportunities to practice our skills.


Derek has provided added value to me through additional one-on-one coaching. He has helped me apply Crucial Conversations principles to navigate some difficult personal issues.


Derek's warmth and magnetism and his true caring, combined with excellent presentation skills and in-depth knowledge of his subject matter, make him a fantastic trainer and coach.”


-Jan Coleman, Corporate Support, Television Station

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