5 Tips to Maximize your ADHD Superpowerz!

ADHD is challenging & costly. What if you could reverse the curse & use your ADHD SuperPowerz to help you create desired results & live your dream?

If you are still reading, there is a good chance that your mind and heart are open to a shift in thinking and feeling that is rather controversial. In fact, you have already begun to embrace the first tip!

"I never lose. I either win or I learn." -Nelson Mandela

There are certainly more than 5 tips to maximize your ADHD, however this is a good start.

Tip #1-Be open to a Positive Perspective

* Whether you have the appearance, the possibility, the probability or an official diagnosis from a medical professional, or you know someone who fits any or all of the above, the odds are high that your awareness of ADHD/ADD is predominantly negative.

* I am not denying that there are challenges and consequences associated with ADHD. I am suggesting that there are also unique strengths and benefits to be discovered and developed.

Tip #2-Dare to Dream Again

* We're like adult kids and we have often been told that we need to grow up. Healthy and beneficial "grow-ups" are included in Tips #3-5 (...but we get to do it our way).

* Crank up (if necessary) your childhood "Dream Machine" and start creating

* Write it down and use all five senses and more to build, create, develop, crystallize and transform your dream in to a goal!

Tip #3-Seek Structure

* Structure is your friend and one of your greatest advocates and supports

*IF you are proactive in creating the structure yourself by way of a strategic plan

* AND you take the action required (Tip #4)

* AND you are accountable (Tip #5) and own the results, good or bad, and course-correct as needed

Tip #4-Take Action...BABY Steps!

* Write down your plan

* Break it down into BABY Steps

* Starting is half the battle

* FOLLOW your plan

* Take frequent breaks to prevent unconscious (or not) distractions

* When life happens and unexpected or other high priority tasks conflict, reschedule your plan and the deadline

* Perfectionism is poison

* As soon as you get off-track or fall behind, recalibrate your plan and due date to avoid discouragement and the temptation to give up simply because you can't meet the original due date.

* Never, Ever, EVER Give up on yourself or your dreams!

Tip #5-Embrace accountability

* Accountability is NOT a Nasty word. You also get to be accountable for the ROI (Return On [your] Investment) and a dream come true

* There are not 'mistakes,' only lessons

* Apply what you learned to your plan and keep moving

* Celebrate Success with your newly discovered ADHD SuperPowerz!!!

* Start with one of the 5 tips, preferably #1 to begin your journey to maximize your ADHD SuperPowerz!

If you have any questions and/or if you're ready to begin the journey with ADHD SuperPowerz expert life coach, contact me, Coach Derek, at ActionByPassion@gmail.com!

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