Is ADHD a Curse or a Suite of SuperPowerz?

Do you ever feel like your ADHD is an unbreakable curse as restrictive as being chained to a 100-kilo ball of steel?

Success in the music industry and how Billboard's Hot 100 is determined by the number of song requests and album purchases. If the number of times a person with ADHD heard a negative label or comment such as, "stupid, lazy, stop fidgeting, idiot, daydreamer, ...late for your own funeral, clumsy, you talk too much, head in the clouds, forgetful, distracted, I have no idea what you just said, unfocused, slow down, indifferent, your problem is you don't have a filter, you're crazy, are you listening?" all of us ADHDers would have gone Platinum by age 21, right?

We are "Minority Misfits" and far from, couldn't-possibly-be, never-wanna-be, what they call, "normal." Of course, "normal" is just another word for boring. That may be unfair and somewhat untrue, however, it is true that we are NOT boring!

To hear or say, "21st Century" sounds so advanced and progressive and yet in so many ways and situations, our behavior mirrors the wildlife in Africa on a TV episode of National Geographic. Imagine a huge herd of wildebeests has reached a raging river on the mass Serengeti and Masai Mara migration. Those brave steeds who lead the way are perching on the banks of the river. A river full of crocodiles lies ahead of them and certain death for some. Yet the wildebeests' internal instinct to forge ahead in compelling.

The view is very much like a neighborhood swimming pool where a young child is perching on the pool's edge, wanting to jump in, yet fearing the unknown of jumping into water taller than they. But I digress.

Back in Africa, a crazy or brave and team-player Water Buffalo answers the call and jumps into the river, and proceeds to cross to the other side. Immediately, the entire herd of Water Buffalo follows. So I ask you. Was the first Water Buffalo to jump into the raging river full of crocodiles crazy or brave? Chances are, our first thoughts and responses were that the steed was crazy and a stupid fool to be the first to jump into a river full of hungry crocodiles, ready and anxious to feast on the tasty lunatic. What happens next is no small wonder as we see the entire herd immediately follow as if they were all chained together and did not have a choice.

As the scene continues to play, we see that most of the Water Buffalo herd of hundreds make it across the river to the other side. Whether or not the first steed to jump in was among the survivors or not, the successful result that the "herd" (team, family, etc.) states that the first steed was in fact brave.

So what does that have to do with you, me, or ADHD?

When a herd of humans sees a person considering to make a risky move, the doubts, fears, criticism, jealousy, shame, and pitiful "group thinking" of the observing mass seemingly does not know any other way to protect their pride, dignity, or reputation other than to attack the leader. They choose known security over the potential loss (probable loss in their mind). If the crazy, brave, careless, brilliant, thoughtless, courageous leader succeeds in influencing another, a few or several in the group to join them in the investment for a better return (ROI-Return On Investment), the perceived security diminishes and now playing it safe begins to feel like a risk. So they cast doubts, criticism and appear to be raging with ridicule.

Do you find yourself constantly entertaining a waterfall of thoughts, an ocean of problem-solving ideas, a universe of dreams? Do you usually have an opinion about whatever activity, event, project, restaurant, design, hairstyle, TV channel, and a rather natural or even intense need to share it and basically every comment that enters your mind?

Speaking up can be risky! Confidence, outgoing personality, comfort speaking in public does not mitigate the risk.

Every idea you share with your passion is out on the table where all are able to rip it, strip it, and trash it with or without ration.

Is remaining silent with the intent to protect yourself from the potential ridicule or criticism from others a greater risk? Only you can decide. Only you are Bluetooth-paired to hear the intuitive whispers of your heart.

The vision, a dream, the unconquerable pursuit of success is still not guaranteed. However, the failure to follow one's vision, pursue a dream, never give up, and fight to end to live your purpose is a guarantee of a much greater failure. For a soul who has heard their heart beckoning for years, is drenched daily in dreams, and feels a passion in their veins, yet chooses to ignore the call, that is the greatest failure. Embarking on your journey of achieving a goal, starting a business, getting fabulously fit, traveling to a beautiful beach on your bucket list, and taking action by your passion, never giving up, is an achievement greater than accomplishing the goal. It is with that attitude, action, and PERSEVERANCE that more accomplishments are also achieved!

Is your ADHD a Carton of Curses or a Splendid Suite of SuperPowerz? Sadly, most of us have the entire Carton of Curses memorized. Uneducated masses in society, strangers on the street, co-workers in the office, friends, and foes, and our beloved family will no doubt ensure that we do not forget each curse, as they see it. How will you choose to see and hear it?

If you will allow, I would like to shine more light on the Superb Suite of ADHD SuperPowerz!

Yes, there's more!

In all my years facilitating workshops and training, my "go-to" icebreaker was always to ask participants to share something they are passionate about outside of work. A peer and wonderful trainer, Tina, would always ask her participants to share their favorite superpower. Responses usually fell within the range of fantastic superpowers such as becoming invisible, the ability to fly, great strength, etc., possessed by one of our many beloved superheroes. I did not collect or read comic books as a kid, but the plethora of comic book superhero movies over the past few years, fondly remembering my friend Tina's "Superpower" icebreaker has been inspiring.

My mission includes advocating a dramatic shift in mindset that is the key for each of us with ADHD, or other sets of strengths, to Self-Activate our Unique ADHD SuperPowerz!

The EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and self-awareness is the first step. Once you discover your unique ADHD SuperPowerz, you can choose to OWN them and begin to consciously develop them and practice accessing and activating them, "on-demand," with the same ease of simply pushing a key on your phone or computer keyboard! You always have this option.

In his life-long, Invictus-inspired words, Nelson Mandela declared, "I never lose. I either win or I learn."

If you subscribe to Mandela's charge as I do, Welcome Aboard! Together, I can help you empower yourself to maximize your SuperPowerz and Get Results!

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