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Ever get distracted? We all do and even more so as many of work from home, even before COVID-19. You might experience noise from the neighbors in their backyard, tempting smells from the kitchen or the restaurant across the street, the close proximity of a TV with the Euro Soccer Championship (Italy vs. England in the finals) , your favorite daytime talk show, the NBA finals, Netflix, Wimbledon, or maybe the Olympics, which start this month in Tokyo.  

Did I mention the plethora of distractions provided by Smart phones, Smart watches, and the internet, that are included with all of the awesome benefits, and most with no extra charge?

Can we forget about the distractions caused by our own brain with the abundant thoughts of how we better love our family, provide service to our community and the world, the creative ideas to generate more income to finance our dreams, brilliant strategic plans to take the required action, and all the dream vacations spots you will visit?

If you are an entrepreneur, a dreamer ready to influence the world for good, and maybe have some of the ADHD "gifts," as I do, the distractions listed above, and many more, are likely more frequent, louder, and stronger. All of the above and the negative impact on our lives rarely seems positive in any way, and certainly not like strengths or SuperPowerz!
However, the way technology so easily saturates our lives with information-especially with Smartphones, and the plethora of games, music, and Apps, most of us are not immune. Add every day life such as the fun, challenges, and stress from family, work, relationships, etc., and distractions can certainly be daunting!

I coach high achievers who seek more success, efficiency, & consistency,
& often have ADHD. I help my clients maximize their potential &
Get Results by transforming their ADHD traits into SuperPowerz!
"Awareness Disrupts Habitual Distractions"
-Coach Derek Sleater Cook

If you don't know what distracted you or when the distraction occurred,
it is rather difficult to make a different choice to get different results.
Without awareness at that moment when your path is about to diverge,
you oft find yourself "...miles down the road before you realize
that you took the wrong offramp.

If you've ever felt like quitting a goal, a project, or a dream, you're not alone!

If you refuse to quit, yet your inability to find a solution to achieve the goal, finish the project, make consistent or meaningful progress towards the dream, regardless of your best efforts, you're not alone! 

If you know your passion
or you simply feel passionate about discovering your life's purpose,
that passion can be channeled to instigate action
and create results!

Your Passion is absolutely one of your SuperPowerz
and SuperPowerz Get Results! 

I will help you discover and utilize the Power of your Passion​
to channel your Actions and Get RESULTS!
I specialize in helping high-achievers clarify their vision,
create a strategic plan, take ACTION,
& transform strengths into SuperPowerz to Get Results!

You can learn to FINISH & ACHIEVE!
Accountability often brings up memories of getting in trouble or punishment. However, it may be time to REFRAME your Mindset. You can LEARN from so-called failures & mistakes as they are life’s best teachers!

As your Results Life Coach, and if an ADHD Specialist is also advantageous, book your Introductory Session today and experience how I can help you empower yourself to create the results you desire!
Isn't it time for you to embark on your journey of transformation to get results and achieve the SuperPowerz -fueled Success you deserve? 

In fact, our child-like willingness to never stop trying to “learn to walk,”
is exactly why we continue to take risks,
continue to fail & have more opportunities than mainstream individuals
to learn the lessons.

If you're still reading this, you probably have more flexibility to
do something different & therefore, achieve greater results,
live bigger dreams & LOVE LIFE like no other!

We are genetically designed for success! 
If you are tired of hearing others demand that you be
more normal (another word for boring),
Welcome Aboard!
If you are tired of accepting the negative labels,
then you can, and I suggest that maybe you must
choose now to own your unique gifts, strengths, and values,
and choose now to begin
Daring to Dream and  Live your Purpose!
If you are feeling "Stir Crazy" while settling for average
as an underemployed, undervalued, underappreciated,
and underpaid genius (not a typo),
then choose now to take action
and join our Minority Misfits Movement!

If you are willing and ready to shift your mindset,
Discover your Passion, and Transform your traits into
SuperPowerz to Get Results,
then WELCOME to an International Evolution,
beginning with YOU!!!